The Childcare Voucher Scheme closed to new entrants on 4th October 2018. This means that no new employees can join the existing childcare vouchers scheme.

For those employees that are already registered and receiving childcare vouchers, they can continue to receive the childcare vouchers through their employer’s scheme for as long as they are eligible.

Employees are only able to re-join as long as they not be off the scheme for more than a 12-month period with the same employer.

Employers can transfer their scheme to Apple if they decide to do so. Apple Childcare Vouchers have been providing childcare vouchers for more than 10 years and have an excellent reputation. If you want to save some money whilst receiving high levels of customer service, please click below to find out how you can transfer your scheme.

How the Scheme Works

Childcare Vouchers are very simple to operate for the employer, employee and childcare provider.

  • Following a completed registration for the employer and employee, Apple will send an invoice to the employer detailing all employees on the scheme and their individual voucher values. The report will also highlight any new starters, leavers and changes to voucher values
  • The employer will pay the invoice total to Apple Childcare Vouchers on or around the same day as payroll
  • Apple Childcare Vouchers will mark the invoice as paid on the same day that the funds are received. The voucher values are then credited to employee’s accounts on the same day
  • Employees have a variety of options to make payments from their account to their childcare provider.
Employee Payment options

  • Automatic Payments – Parents can create an automatic payment instruction which will send payments direct to their chosen childcare provider as soon as Apple have received funds from the employer. The payment will continue every time a payment is made by the employer until the automatic payment is cancelled ensuring parents can relax knowing their childcare provider will be paid each week or month
  • Next Day Payments – Parents can login and use this method to manage the payments themselves. Parents can login as and when required and make payments for a value up to the balance on their account
Transfer Your Scheme

Although the childcare voucher scheme is closed to new entrants there are many companies still providing childcare vouchers to hundreds of thousands of employees across the UK who have been on the scheme since before the deadline.

It is very important to ensure your scheme is managed by a company such as Apple Employee Benefits who can demonstrate the very best customer service, low commission fees and financial security.

Changing to Apple Childcare Vouchers is effortless and straightforward. Apple Childcare Vouchers manage the whole process from start to finish to ensure a seamless transfer. We will assist with the employer account registration, create and set up employee accounts and we can even help you communicate the changes to your employees and ensure their accounts are set up correctly.

To talk to a member of staff about transferring your scheme please call 0345 6029459 or complete the enquiry form.

Qualifying Childcare

In order to accept Apple Childcare Vouchers as payment or part payment, childcare providers must be registered through one of the following:

  • In England - Ofsted, governing body of a school; inspection body for independent schools; a domiciliary worker or nurse from an agency registered under the Domiciliary Care Agencies Regulations 2002; a person approved in accordance with the Tax Credits (Approval of Child Care Providers) Scheme 2005
  • In Wales - Care Standard Inspectorate for Wales; out-of-school-hours childcare club provided by a school on the school premises or by a Local Authority; a person approved under the Approval of Child Care Providers (Wales) Scheme 2007; a domiciliary worker or nurse from an agency registered under the Domiciliary Care Agencies (Wales) Regulations 2004
  • In Scotland - The Care Commission for Scotland; childcare provided by or introduced through, childcare agencies, sitter services and nanny agencies which are registered
  • In Northern Ireland - Health and Services Trust for Northern Ireland; out-of-school-hours childcare, provided by a school on the school premises, or by an Education and Library Board; a person approved under the Tax Credits (Approval of Home Child Care Providers) Scheme (Northern Ireland) 2006